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The Dragon's Princess by Kyle Lambert

The Dragon's Princess

The Story

The Dragon's Princess is a small Idea that I had for a story about a girl who is under the spell of an evil queen known as 'The Dragon'. The Dragon provides society with transformative potions that allow people to live out their wildest dreams. The potions however don't last long, forcing those who can't go without to make dangerous deals with the Dragon.

This premiss gave me enough of an idea to begin sketching the Dragon and Princess characters and to think about what kind of world they might be living in.


For this project I developed a very specific workflow from sketch to painting. I developed each idea as a loose sketch in Adobe Ideas for iPad. I then took the finished outline sketch into Adobe Photoshop and created layer masks for each distinct object . I then painted each object separately until the painting came together over all. The last step was to merge all of the layers together to add details and effects to the entire painting.

The PrincessThe Princess DevelopmentThe DragonThe KingdomThe Kingdom Development