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Kyle Lambert - Eyes Wide Shut Poster

Eyes Wide Shut

Illustrated Movie Poster

After completing my research for the Toy Shining storyboard project (which can be seen here) I decided to start exploring the rest of Stanley Kubrick's films. This lead to me watching Kubrick's last film, which was released in 1999 - Eyes Wide Shut.

As with many of the Kubrick films I found myself needing to re-watch it a couple of times to take everything in. Although probably not his best work, Eyes Wide Shut left a lasting impression on me and heightened my fascinated with Kubrick's work.


Around the same time I started watching Eyes Wide Shut, I was working on a couple of projects that involved me designing stylized caricatured character designs. The idea naturally popped into my head to attempt an illustrated caricature of the lead characters from Eyes Wide Shut.

iPad ideas

Kyle Lambert - Eyes Wide Shut - iPad Sketches

I sat down one evening in front of the TV with my iPad and watched Eyes Wide Shut. Using Adobe Ideas on my iPad I doodled a couple of compositions for an illustration that could hopefully tell the story of the movie in a single image. Initially I was only intending to do a quick illustration on my iPad, but it became apparent to me that the composition I had come up with would make a good poster design instead.

Still using my iPad I drew several caricatures of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in the pose that I had decided on. I also designed the decorative mask and cloak silhouette that made up the background of the poster. These sketches can be seen here. I then exported these sketches to Adobe Photoshop on my Mac using Adobe's Creative Cloud to begin working on the color.


With Photoshop I used the sketches to create simple colored character silhouettes and positioned these within the poster. Using a separate layer I then added subtle shading and fine details to the characters. Once I was happy with the design I then added the poster typography for the film and matched the colors to the design.

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