Position :Freelance Visual Artist
Location :United States
Degree : (BA Hons) Illustration with Animation
Specialties :Photo-realistic Digital Painting, Illustration and Commercial Poster Art



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Adobe Spotlight
Adobe Spotlight
"U.K.-based Lambert harbors an extraordinary talent as a digital artist. His photorealistic paintings, playful illustrations, and animation artwork blur the lines between painting and reality, and open vistas onto imaginary worlds.."
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BBC News
BBC News
"UK-based artist Kyle Lambert is known for visual works created using computer equipment.."
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Huffington Post
Huffington Post
"Kyle Lambert Combines 'Toy Story' And 'The Shining' Into One Quirky Nightmare.."
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Kyle Lambert

Visual Artist - Painting & Illustration


Kyle Lambert is a US based visual artist, who is known for his striking digital illustration work in the entertainment industry. Kyle pushes boundaries in his work with his use of technology to create commercially successful artwork and illustrations at the highest level.

Over the past 10 years Kyle has worked with some of the worlds largest brands, including Apple, Adobe, GQ, Netflix, Paramount Studios and Vanity Fair.

Videos detailing this creative process have become an important part of the art viewing experience. Kyle's 2013 iPad Painting of Morgan Freeman found a worldwide audience of over 15 million people.

If you are interested in hiring Kyle for a project please get in touch on this Contact page.


A full list of endorsements can be found on Kyle's  Linkedin Profile

"Kyle is becoming widely known for his ability to create beautiful and imaginative photo-realistic artwork. We called on Kyle to help with our Adobe Touch Apps launch as we believed that he could show off our apps on the iPad and on Android tablets better than most. Kyle showed my team and me that the capabilities of our own products were beyond what we could have imagined. He drew a realistic looking eyeball with Adobe Ideas which is a vector drawing app. To say it was amazing was an understatement.

Kyle pushed the capabilities of the software as well and gave us valuable feedback to improve our technology. Not only is Kyle a gifted artist but he is well spoken, professional and kind- I felt comfortable asking him to speak directly to the press on Adobe’s behalf. Kyle is someone to keep your eye on."

Meghan Boots

Product Marketing Manager, Creative Suite Products - Adobe Systems, Inc.

"Since 2011, when he was selected for the highly coveted honor of Featured Artist at the Macworld Expo, Kyle has established himself as one of the most influential digital artists in the world. His works have been prominently displayed at each edition of Macworld and iWorld expos, and he has also been a featured speaker and presenter at several events I have produced. Each year, he has created stunning artwork that has been displayed in the entrance hall to welcome guests to the show. He has given several talks and demonstrations, and he has been featured on panels discussing his artwork.

Kyle’s talks are always incredibly well attended and received in the most positive way possible, with maximum attendee satisfaction scores. Kyle continues to perform in a critical role at my events to this day.

Working with Kyle Lambert is an event producer’s dream. He is one of those rare Digital Artists who possesses a persona and style that immediately connects with audiences. I’ve had the privilege of watching Kyle paint live, and his seemingly effortless demonstrations of technique are the reflection of a master at the top of his craft."

Paul Kent

Founder, pKreative LLCM
Former Senior Vice President and General Manager, Macworld/IDGM

"I loved working with Kyle, he is an excellent artist and works fast. His attention to details is in my opinion the best side of him. Not only that, he was one of the most organized artists I've seen. I would definitely hire him again in the future and hope to do so.”

Michael Marcondes

Director at

"It's hard not to be impressed by the artistic talent of Britain's very own Kyle Lambert. Kyle is a great ambassador for iPad creativity, be sure to follow him on Twitter and expect to be regularly impressed.."

iPad Creative


Kyle Lambert - About

Kyle Lambert - About - Bio, Endorsements and General Information About Visual Artist Kyle Lambert

Endorsements and General Information About Visual Artist Kyle Lambert

Kyle Lambert - Apple Event

Kyle Lambert

Kyle Lambert - Visual Artist - Painting & Illustration

Visual Artist - Painting & Illustration